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Abacus Collection

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Abacus 01BE
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Abacus 01BE $ 179.00- $ 859.00
Abacus 05MC
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Abacus 05MC $ 179.00- $ 859.00
Abacus 08IV
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Abacus 08IV $ 179.00- $ 859.00
Abacus 02OL
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Abacus 02OL $ 179.00- $ 859.00
Abacus 06LD
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Abacus 06LD $ 179.00- $ 859.00
Abacus 04BB

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Abacus 04BB Limited Stock

The Abacus Collection from China features a trendy series of rugs that pack a modern punch. Its poly-acrylic hand-tufted construction has the look and feel of wool while offering everlasting durability. What’s more, its fun patterns are accented byan alluring looped texture that partners well with the cut pile for an added dimension of visual interest.