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Charlotte Collection

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Charlotte Ct-02 Navy
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Charlotte Ct-02 Navy $ 89.00- $ 1,119.00
Charlotte Ct-02 Beige
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Charlotte Ct-02 Beige $ 89.00- $ 1,119.00
Charlotte 03OX
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Charlotte 03OX $ 89.00- $ 1,119.00
Charlotte CT 01 Ash
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Charlotte CT 01 Ash $ 89.00- $ 1,119.00
Charlotte 05IV/Onyx
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Charlotte 05IV/Onyx $ 89.00- $ 1,119.00
Charlotte 03RU
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Charlotte 03RU $ 89.00- $ 1,119.00
Charlotte 01PJ
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Charlotte 01PJ $ 89.00- $ 1,119.00
Charlotte 04IV

Limited Stock

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Charlotte 04IV Limited Stock
Charlotte 05IV

Limited Stock

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Charlotte 05IV Limited Stock

The Charlotte Collection's striking patterns may draw you into a room, but it is the incredibly soft surface that will keep you there. Whether you are kicking your shoes off after a long day of work or just enjoying a lazy Sunday, your feet will appreciate the comfy microfiber feel. With a surface this soft, Charlotte is the ideal choice as a bedside accent, family room centerpiece, and even a bathroom rug in a scatter size. What's more, Charlotte's 100% polyester fibers are highly stain and moisture resistant, so its colors remain vibrant over time.