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Contemporary Design

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Burlingam Barrel Chair
Julian Sofa
HH Chair 7425-50
Spencer Chair
Diana Sofa
HH Chair 3366
Hayden Chair
Nehalem Chair
HH Chair 7202
HH Chair 7204
Everett Chair
Flanders Chair
HH Chair 7333
Bryan Chair
HH Chair 7466
Derek Chair
Holgate Chair
HH Compact Sofa 7206-20
HH Contrast-piping Sofa 3181-20
Ava Contrast-Trim Sofa 2031
HH Low-arm Sofa 7487-20
Vanessa Low-back Sofa
Ava Sectional 2031
Bridgeport Sectional 2061
Vaughn Sectional
Mara Sloped-arm Sofa
HH Sofa 3366
Ulises Sofa
Lamont Sofa
Miles Sofa
Franklin Track-Arm Chair
Albany Leather Sofa
Alexa Chair
Biltmore Leather Sofa
Danilo Leather Sectional
Hartford Leather Sofa
Newport Leather Sectional
Remington Leather Sofa
Times Square Leather Sofa
Wesley Leather Sectional
Like the term "Modern", Contemporary can be a confusing word when it comes to describing its style. Contemporary tends to be less bold than Modern and have more subdued designs and colors. The lines of contemporary are clean, often straight or only slightly rounded and tend to be soft.