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Cozy Shag Collection

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Cozy Shag 01IV $ 259.00- $ 1,789.00
Cozy Shag 01SA $ 259.00- $ 1,789.00
Cozy Shag 01TA $ 259.00- $ 1,789.00
Cozy Shag 01PD $ 259.00- $ 1,789.00
Cozy Shag 01OA $ 259.00- $ 1,789.00

Hand-tufted of 100% polyester in China, the Cozy Shag Collection is even more comfortable than it looks. The soft feel is complemented by a smart selection of colors including classic neutrals like ivory, beige, and taupe as well as bold choices like oasis and prune. With such an amazing feel underfoot, Cozy Shag is the ideal bedside rug, making that first step out of bed in the morning so much easier. Or place Cozy Shag in the family room and create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere. Wherever you place this rug, it's sure to become the 'coziest' room in the home.