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Fulton Collection

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Fulton 12CC
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Fulton 12CC $ 349.00- $ 2,339.00
Fulton 07DO
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Fulton 07DO $ 349.00- $ 2,339.00
Fulton 02MC
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Fulton 02MC $ 349.00- $ 2,339.00
Fulton 06PA
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Fulton 06PA $ 349.00- $ 2,339.00
Fulton 11PA
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Fulton 11PA $ 349.00- $ 2,339.00
Fulton 04LN
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Fulton 04LN $ 349.00- $ 2,339.00
Fulton 13SG
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Fulton 13SG $ 349.00- $ 2,339.00
Fulton 01SQ

Limited Stock

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Fulton 01SQ Limited Stock
Fulton 05SG

Limited Stock

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Fulton 05SG Limited Stock

Inspired by ancient ottoman textiles, the award-winning Fulton Collection refocuses traditional patterns into a more open, transitional pattern that’s elegant, updated, and eye-catching at once. What’s more, these wool and viscose rugs receive only the most meticulously hand-dyed yarns to ensure rich color saturation that lasts. And with deep hand-carvings accentuating each lovely design, Fulton will be the magnet of attention your room deserves.