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Nightfall Collection

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Nightfall Ngt01 Absinthe
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Nightfall Ngt01 Absinthe $ 1,189.00- $ 5,079.00
Nightfall Ngt01 Flame
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Nightfall Ngt01 Flame $ 1,189.00- $ 5,079.00
Nightfall Ngt02 Hunter Green
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Nightfall Ngt02 Hunter Green $ 1,189.00- $ 5,079.00
Nightfall Ngt03 Brick
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Nightfall Ngt03 Brick $ 1,189.00- $ 5,079.00
Nightfall Ngt03 Peacock
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Nightfall Ngt03 Peacock $ 1,189.00- $ 5,079.00
Nightfall Ngt04 Antique Green
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Nightfall Ngt04 Antique Green $ 1,189.00- $ 5,079.00

Material: Machine Woven 40% Wool, 60% Viscose

Like gently falling shadows, the mystery of the night is woven into the evocative Nightfall Collection. The luxurious pile of these soft and inviting wool blend rugs will lavish the home with comfort. Superb overdye techniques perfected by Nourison, and the shimmering Luxcelleâ„¢ fibers, create a marvelous patina with an appearance of antiquity. Enjoy these beauties in a rich range of subtle and alluring colors, for a statement of sophistication and elegance. Loom woven in China on proprietary Nourison equipment for lasting quality.