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Palm Springs Collection

  • Colors

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  • Price (5'x8')*

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Palm Springs 01BB $ 99.00- $ 1,209.00
Palm Springs 01BL $ 99.00- $ 1,209.00
Palm Springs 01ML $ 99.00- $ 1,209.00
Palm Springs 04TA $ 99.00- $ 1,209.00
Palm Springs 03BR Limited Stock
Palm Springs 06BE Limited Stock
Palm Springs 04SL Limited Stock
Palm Springs 05BR Limited Stock
Palm Springs 02RE Limited Stock

For the first time ever, world renowned designer Dann Foley brings his eye for great design and modern living to outdoorrugs. With patterns and colors as dynamic as Dann’s persona, the Palm Springs Collection reflects Dann’s passion forfun outdoor decorating. Palm Springs is hand hooked in China of 100% polypropylene that’s specially treated to befade-resistant in spite of regular sunshine or rain.