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Throw Pillows For Couch, Sectional, Chairs

Add some life to your couch or chair with these stunning pillows made from the designs of best selling rugs. These bohemian/chic pillows work well with anything. Fantastic colors and great patterns make these pillows a great add-on to any sofa!

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Lovejoy Grey/Multi P0095 $ 95.00
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Tabor Grey/Ivory P0165 $ 95.00
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Pearl Beige/Grey P0241 $ 95.00
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Hawthorne Black/Ivory P0228 $ 75.00
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Mississippi Multi P0094 $ 95.00
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Astoria Navy/White P0120 $ 95.00
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Arlington Heights Beige/Navy P0244 $ 95.00
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Woodstock Black/Ivory P0227 $ 95.00
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WV Marquesa Storm $ 95.00
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Belmont Beige/Cream P0188 $ 95.00
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Yachats Navy/Ivory P0176 $ 95.00
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Prescott Rust/Lt. Brown P0239 $ 75.00
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Newport Navy/Blue P0119 $ 75.00
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Brooklyn Charcoal/Beige P0052 $ 75.00
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Coos Bay Blue P0167 $ 95.00
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Alberta Black/Grey P0238 $ 95.00
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Burnside Natural/Multi P0166 $ 95.00
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