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Scandinavia Dula Kohinoor SCD22
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Scandinavia Dula Kohinoor SCD22 $ 179.00- $ 2,958.00
Scandinavia Dula Kohinoor SCD23
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Scandinavia Dula Kohinoor SCD23 $ 179.00- $ 2,958.00
Scandinavia Dula Sandhurst SCD21
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Scandinavia Dula Sandhurst SCD21 $ 179.00- $ 1,992.00

Crafted from undyed New Zealand wool--chosen for its superior strength, softness and natural color, and then felted for cozy texture--this ultra-plush, hand-woven rug in heathery shades of papyrus and griffin is folk art for the floor.

Material: Textured 80% Wool 20% Cotton