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Shop the Largest Rug Selection in Beaverton

Here you'll find rugs of all sizes, fibers, and colors! We specialize in those hard-to-find sizes like stair runners, rounds, and oversized area rugs (9' x 12' + up). We carry the best selection of one-of-a-kind, handmade rugs with

A Sense of Exlusivity

Our selection process for the rugs in our stores is deliberate and driven by passion. Our rugs are timeless and rich additions to any home, drawing on thousands of years of design and craft heritage. Each handmade rug has it's own unique tale. So, if a design catches your attention, there's a long history behind it that we'd love to tell you about! Perhaps the craftspeople who created the piece came from a small town where their skills were passed down through generations, enabling them to product very detailed patterns at all scales. Each piece is created to fully transform a space, give you a sense of exclusivity, and take your home style to the next level.



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