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All NW Rugs RUG orders will be delivered via UPS Ground Shipping Or Federal Express at NO charge to you (in the contiguous United States). We will email tracking numbers to you when they become available so that you can monitor your shipment. For large and oversized items, alternative shipping methods might have to be arranged. If this is the case, an independent trucking company will contact you to arrange your delivery during business hours.

Free shipping and handling is not included with the purchase of products other than rugs. Applicable shipping costs will be calculated and visible on the invoice.

Please contact us if you require a faster delivery method than Ground Shipping.

Transit Time 

Most of our products will be shipped within five to seven working days. That means that you should receive your order within seven to ten business days after the item has shipped. If an item is unexpectedly out of stock, we will contact you with an approximate delivery date.


For Online Orders Only:

We have a 15-day return policy for all online rug orders. The 15-day policy starts once the rug is received by the customer.

If you decided that the rug is not right for you, please do not return it to a showroom. Instead, use the contact form and a representative will respond to you within 24-hours. Rugs will not be taken at any showroom location. This prevents fraudulent exchanges and makes certain that you receive the full credit of your order.

You pay only for the return shipping. No restocking fee or hidden costs. Once we receive the rug, it will be inspected and when determined to be in new condition, we will refund your credit card.

Damaged Items

If for any reason a rug is delivered damaged, please us the contact form and a representative will contact you asap. We stand by our products by returning all damaged goods and delivering a new rug no additional cost!


Your rug will shed no matter the material and a new wool rug will shed constantly. We recommend vacuuming your rug new rug 4-5 times within the first month and at least once a month after that. When vacuuming, set the brushes on the vacuum to high or avoid using the brushes (beater or roller) entirely, as this can damage the pile of the rug. Also, avoid vacuuming the fringe of the rug, which can lead to pulling and damaging the fringe.

Note: Wool rugs will shed a lot within the first few months of purcahse. Don't worry, this is completely natural and after a few months, the amount of shedding will be limited. 

General Care Tips

ROTATING: To even out soiling and wear, rotate rugs every 6 months to a year when possible

PADDING: Appropriate padding extends the life of a rug and prevents a rug from slipping or buckling.

RESTORATION: Prompt attention to frayed and damaged areas can protect the value and beauty of your rug for generations.

WASHING: Professional hand washing every 2-4 years is recommended. A desirable attribute of densely patterned rugs is their ability to hide soiling and often look cleaner than they really are.

STORAGE: Area rugs should never be stored dirty. Soils can oxidize making them difficult or impossible to remove. All rugs should be stored in paper or other breathable material, never plastic.

Furniture Dents

Another common occurrence during the holiday season is moving furniture or adding more chairs to accommodate guests. This usually leaves horrible dents in the carpet and a quick vacuum never does the job. Instead, place an ice cube on the dent.

“Ice Cube Dent Image”

The size of the dent will determine how many cubes you need. Place cubes right on top of the divot about 2 inches apart and let the carpet soak up the melted water. Once the carpet completely dries, give the area a vacuum and the dents will disappear. If there are still pieces of carpet that have not popped up, you can use your fingers or a table fork to gently fluff those pieces. It works every time!


Common Spills

First and most important, always remember the golden rule of rug cleaning. Blot, Never Scrub! This seems basic but always worth a mention. Work from the outer edges of a spot to the center.

Match the Solutions to the Spill

ADHESIVES -------------- D, A,E

BEER -------------- A, B, E

BERRIES -------------- C, E

BLOOD -------------- C, E

BUTTER -------------- D, A, E

CANDLE WAX (Scrape off excess, cover area with paper & iron on lowest setting)

CATSUP -------------- A, C, E

CHOCOLATE -------------- D, A, E

COFFEE -------------- A, E

CRAYON -------------- D, A, E

EGG -------------- A, E

EXCREMENT -------------- A, E, B

NAIL POLISH -------------- D

FRUIT, JAM -------------- A, E

GREASE -------------- D, A, E

GUM (Scrape off excess) -------- D, A, E

ICE CREAM -------------- A,E,D

INK -------------- D, A, E

MILK -------------- A, B, E

MUD -------------- A

PAINT -------------- D, A, E

SOFT DRINKS -------------- A, E

SOOT -------------- A, E, D

TEA -------------- A, E

URINE -------------- A, B, E

VOMIT -------------- A, B, E

WHITE WINE -------------- A, E

RED WINE -------------- E, A, E



2-4 drops to a cup of cold water. We recommended: Soil Away, Bioclean all purpose cleaner, Planet detergent, or Folex.


1-2 tablespoons to a cup of cold water.


1 teaspoon to a cup of cold water


Energene or rubbing alcohol available at most grocery stores. Use straight out of the bottle, apply to towel and blot spots.


Some spots are best handled by professionals, such as pet urine stains, ink or dry wine.

Download Guide

Placing the correct size rug in your space is as important as choosing the right color or pattern. A rug that it is too small will shift the balance of the room unfavorably. A rug that is too big, especially in open floor plans, may put the area designations off. There are a few rules of thumb, but a picture says it better. Use these handy guides by Interior Designer Lisa Ferguson to make the best choice.




All guides by Lisa Ferguson, Interior Designer  Follow on Twitter @decormentor

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There is nothing average about Empire - an elegant collection of supreme quality hand-tufted traditional designs made of densely woven premium wool. A special finishing wash process imparts to each rug a unique, distinctive antique look and feel.