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Jaipur Rugs | Social Entrepreneurs

by nwrugs February 16, 2016

Jaipur Rugs | Social Entrepreneurs

A vendor of NW Rugs & Furniture just won the 27th Annual ARTS award, winning in the category of "Green Manufacturer" and we wanted to celebrate that achievement! Jaipur Rugs is not an ordinary hand-made rug manufacturer but an industry leader in fostering socio-economic interventions. From the beginning, Jaipur founder NK Chaudharyand daughter/CEO Asha, has instilled within the company's culture the significance of giving back. They help local artisans develop and explore their passion while also providing them with programs to find greater financial and social stability. Jaipur Rugs is also a part of Women on Wings, an organization that helps rural Indian women find economic security through work programs.

In 2004 Jaipur Rugs created a foundation called Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF). The foundation uses its award winning socio-economic business model, based on entrepreneurial and social development. The model focuses on the economic well-being of the artisans through skill development and livelihood support. The mission of JRF, " is to serve as a social innovator promoting the cause of artisans by providing them with decent work opportunities and thus leading them towards their socio-economic well-being. ."

Other social programs the Jaipur Rugs Foundation supports include:

Health Living:

A healthcare program that brings doctors to local villages to provide medical treatment, basic check ups and other healthcare needs. JRF will also help provide transportation for anyone needing further medical treat, free of charge!

JRF also provides educational materials to all villagers for hygiene and safe cooking practices.

Literacy Education:

" No matter their gender, age, location or socioeconomic background, we believe that every human being should be afforded the opportunity to learn to read and write. Our literacy education programs reach out to our female artisans, their daughters and other young girls in hundreds of impoverished villages across India." - Jaipur Rugs Foundation

Financial and Legal Support:

JRF teaches their artisans basic economic principles that will help them save money for the future and improve artisans personal financial situation. In addition, they personally provide legal support to all their artisans, " our artisans know their rights." - Jaipur Rugs Foundation

Personal Empowerment:

Most of JRF's artisans are females, who have very little choices in education and vocational training. JRF, " works to ensure their weavers have the tools and knowledge to empower themselves and their families. We enable our artisans to be the change within their communities."

Vocational Training: 

"For those weavers and other artisans interested in honing their craft, we offer opportunities for them to continue advancing their careers. We prepare the weavers by teaching them new skills that could make them more marketable as employees. By identifying and encouraging artisans and their children who are interested in pursuing a formal education, we provide scholarships and outreach." -Jaipur Rugs Foundation

Jaipur Rugs has been a vendor of NW Rugs & Furniture since 2007 and we are so honored to be a part of a great company! If you wish to support Jaipur Rugs and all the amazing local artisans, you can simple buy a rug from any of Jaipur's amazing vendors. The link below will direct you to a landing page where you can purchase Jaipur Rugs.

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by nwrugs
by nwrugs

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