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Rustic Interior Design | A clssical, modern and eclectic look

Rustic Interior Design

Rustic interior design, in a classical sense, has an emphasis on nature and natural materials. Natural materials include; wood, stone, cotton and leather. Rustic design has a feeling of warmth and freshness. Pay close attention to the organic textures and natural color palette.

Modern History of Kazak Rugs | Standing the Test of Time

Kazak Post

Beginning in ancient times, Kazak rugs have added luxury, prestige, warmth and comfort to homes. Originally woven with strands of silver and gold, Kazak rugs were, at one point, symbols of status. They were placed in churches, palaces and within homes of the elite class. They were not only used as floor coverings but they often hung from walls and placed on the throne or at the feet of the king.


So many shades and hues, right!? Love 'em all. "

This color relates to the imagination and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is an introspective color, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts," according to Color Psychology


So many channels, so much surfing ... rough job, right? There needs to be a balance in our sources for inspiration. That way you stay fresh and diverse in your overall design sense. Which is your favorite from this bunch? 


It is hard to find a more refreshing color combo than yellow and green. Yellow is optimistic and cheerful while green is the color of balance and growth. The psychological impact of color is huge so considering it for each space is wise.

Bohemian Touches: Justina Blakenley Rugs

Designed by the vibrant bohemian designer and New York Times best-selling author, Justina Blakeney, the Folklore Collection is an artful expression of her wild and colorful style. Hand-tufted in India of wool and polyester, the timeless Moroccan patterns are infused with a spectrum of colors for a look that’s sure to be the center of the room and the conversation.

5 Ways to Make a Dull Space Attractive and Interesting

If there’s an area in your house that you feel is significantly lacking, the good news is it doesn’t have to remain that way. Even if you’ve thought about interior design ideas but haven’t been able to come up with any that you like, the truth is there are plenty of options.

DECOR BIG BANG; On the Set of The Big Bang Theory

Get the look by layering a plush solid (Byron) and a geometric tribal style rug (Anatolia).

Jaipur Rugs | Social Entrepreneurs

Jaipur Rugs Foundation

A vendor of NW Rugs & Furniture just won the 27th Annual ARTS award, winning in the category of "Green Manufacturer" and we wanted to celebrate that achievement!

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Furniture placement then and now

Then & Now. Historical perspective - There really is nothing new about furniture arrangement and design principles is there? Same principles, same layouts, just different shapes and fabrics. Interesting, isn't it?! Check out this look at rooms from the 1970's and now.