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    Basic Rug Styles for Every Home

    Rugs are an important accessory to building the overall aesthetic of a room. When choosing a rug to match a certain look, you can either begin with size, color, or style. The first two are easy, but style matching can be somewhat harder to nail down, especially if you aren't sure how to categorize the look you're searching for! Our use of the word 'style' here refers to design elements, not construction or material. To learn more about rug composition categories, please check out our page about Rug Types and Their Differences. In this article, we will review the 4 standard rug styles that are used in interior design - Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, and Tribal. For each of these categories there is a multitude of designs and color combinations available, but here are the basics:


    1. Traditional Rugs


    Traditional rugsare timeless and inspired by classic designs from various regions like Persia, Turkey, or India. Any rug described as "Oriental" would also fit in this category. These rugs often feature intricate patterns, floral motifs, medallions, and borders. They typically have a rich color palette with deep reds, blues, and earth tones. Traditional rugs add elegance and sophistication to any space, making them a popular choice for formal living rooms and dining areas.

     (pictured [top]: Heirloom HQ-01 Navy/Multi)


    2. Transitional Rugs


    Transitional rugs bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary styles. They blend classic elements with modern influences, creating a versatile and harmonious look. Transitional rugs often feature softer and muted colors, more open designs, or updated versions of traditional patterns. These rugs are ideal for those who want a balanced and timeless design that can easily adapt to evolving interior trends.


    (pictured [top]: Jada JA-06 Lagoon/Multi) (pictured [bottom]: Pandora Fury Eggplant)



    3. Contemporary Rugs


    Contemporary rugs embrace modern design aesthetics and experimentation. They are often characterized by geometric patterns, asymmetrical designs, or abstract motifs. Contemporary rugs come in a wide range of colors and materials, allowing you to introduce vibrant hues or minimalist neutrals into your space. These rugs are the perfect accents for a residential or commercial space whose design and furnishings are distinctly modern. Other examples of modern rugs can be seen here.

     (pictured: Issey ISY-04 Denim/Multi)



    4. Tribal Rugs


    Tribal rugs are inspired by the traditional weaving techniques of nomadic or indigenous tribes. These rugs often feature bold geometric patterns, tribal symbols, and earthy colors. Tribal rugs add a touch of cultural and ethnic charm to any space. These rugs can be southwestern, Moroccan, or Persian tribal rugs bring a rustic and naturally textured feel to your home.

    (pictured [top]: Khamal Alabaster by Bobby Berk)  (pictured [bottom]: Kasbah Draa Valley Blue by Drew & Jonathan)



    More Tips To Find Your Style


    Remember, these style types are broad and are intended to help you locate a rug that works with your décor and preferences. Within these categories you will also find motifs, which group design elements more specifically. You might search by motif if you're interested in florals, lined patterns, repeating shapes, or other identifiable characteristics. Thanks to the innovation and creativity of area rug designers, manufacturers, and importers, an ever-broadening spectrum of value-conscious consumers can bring beautiful and quality rugs into their homes, be they handcrafted or machine-made. You can explore our rug selection by style or motif by clicking here.

    We hope this guide serves as a starting point for your design journey. Don't be afraid to mix and match styles or experiment with different colors and patterns. We recommend narrowing down your selection to 2 or 3 options, and then eliminate your way to the one. The key is to choose a rug that aligns with your taste and creates a harmonious balance with your existing décor, and our consultants at the showroom can help you with any part of the selection or coordination process. Happy rug shopping!


    A Quick Note About Style & Size


    If you are currently shopping for a rug, or buying one for the first time, we want to make sure you're aware that rug designs are not exactly scaled to size. The image of a rug in a listing is usually taken from a larger size. If you purchase the 2x3 size of a rug, for example, it may not look exactly the same as the 8x10. This is especially true for traditional styles that have so many border details and intricate patterns. Rug designers do their best to preserve the overall look of the rug design as it gets smaller, but some detailing may be lost on smaller size of a design.