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  • Rug Sizes | Rug Size Guide

    Choosing the right size of rug for your room depends on your design objective. A rug can be a focal point or accent. It can unite, extend or separate a room. The design objective is up to you and how you want the room to function.

    This article presents examples of different design aesthetics and how designers use area rugs of all different sizes. This is not a right or wrong article. We provide basic examples but build on them with unique, out of the box ideas. Design is not a one size fits all.

    Basic Rug Sizes

    8X10, 9X12 AND ABOVE

    We can clump all these sizes into one category as they have very similar setups. The standard setup for these sizes are shown in the diagram below. Remember, these are standard setups. For more ideas, scroll to the photo gallery below.

    Notice, the standard setup has most, if not all furniture legs on the rug. The purpose of this setup is to define an area. It brings the surrounding furniture together in a cohesive design and separates the area from the rest of the room.

    *We provide the size of the rug shown and a description of the room below the image.

    5x8 and 6x9 Rugs

    As people are downsizing, 5x8 and 6x9 rugs are becoming extremely popular. In many instances, they work interchangeably and give the designer a ton of unique options. In a standard setup, the furniture starts to separate itself from the rug, especially in 5x8.

    6x9 and 5x8 rugs are rarely used in a standard dining setup but apartment living has completely changed the way we interact with our space. Our favorite designs push the table to a window or wall. This saves a ton of space and can maximize light at the dining table.

    4x6 and Below

    These sizes work great for unique areas in your home. You almost don’t think a rug is worth it but trust me, a rug makes the space.

    Runners and Rounds

    Rounds work great by mimicking the geometric pattern of round tables but they have many dynamic features in a traditional living room setup. Runners are generally used in hallways or skinny areas of the home.

    Layered Rugs

    This is the bonus round. Many people forget that you can layer rugs. Think of putting a blanket on your comforter. The standard setup works with a solid color on the bottom and adds color as the designer layers.


    Remember everything in this article is a recommendation and a source of inspiration. If you find something you like, use it. You don’t need a designer to make a space that is special to you. Your space is special because it is your space.

    Bonus: Buying Tips

    We would like to leave you with a few recommendations before you start your rug buying journey.

    1. Measure, measure and measure some more.

    What are the dimensions from the window to the kitchen?

    How far is the dining room to the living room?

    What is the size of the fireplace and window?

    2. Write down all the colors in your space including the plants, lights and surrounding areas. You will soon notice that you already have a color scheme.

    3. Define the life of your space.

    Will it be a place of relaxation, learning or having fun?

    These three recommendations will give you confidence and make the rug buying journey a breeze!

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