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  • Our Story

    Since first opening our doors just outside Tigard in 1992, we have grown to become the largest rug dealer in not only the Northwest, but the entire West Coast. With over 20,000 rugs in stock at our locations, we have a great selection of the best rugs made. We carry the finest quality, including many well-known designer series like Magnolia Home, Bobby Berk, Drew & Jonathon Scott, and more. With so many shapes and sizes, we can help you with any room of your home. Overtime, we recognized many of our customers were also seeking quality furniture. As we grew, we added living rooms sets, dining room sets, bedroom furniture, and more. And in keeping with the quality of our rugs, we knew we should only offer the best quality of furniture available.

    Our buyers travel the world in search of the best rugs and furniture, and we bring this quality to the Portland metro area year-round. Each of our locations has a great inventory in stock, so you can take it home today. If there is something you would like customized, we can work with you on getting the color and material to match your design choices.

    Our high-quality rugs and furniture are influenced by the love of craftsmanship, and our selection influenced by regional trends and global preferences, have helped make us the choice for quality in the Pacific Northwest. Our website is a great representation of our rugs and furniture we have, though not every piece you see will be available in all our stores. With such a large selection, we’re confident we have something for everyone, and we can custom order for anything we don’t carry in-store.

    Our Promise to You


    We know real quality lasts and that it does not need to be unreasonably expensive. Our merchandise is chosen to meet a certain threshold of quality, so that you aren't buying just another piece of furniture, or a rug that you'll replace in a year - you are investing in a piece that will last.


    We build relationships with every person who walks through our doors. We will put ourselves into your shoes to decipher your needs and how we can help you achieve your home goals. We love to see individuals return to us years later and remember how we worked with them to find the perfect piece.


    We provide a wide variety of pieces, with options for every taste. Our selection is curated to include a diverse assortment of styles, sizes, and colors, all under one roof. One-of-a-kind, customized, designer lines, and beyond - we have rugs, furniture, and accessories for every space.


    We understand that you have a specific vision for your home. When you start looking for furnishings to fill it with, we get to watch that creation process unfold. We aren't here to tell you right from wrong, or what to put in your home, but to join you in finding the right pieces to match your style.