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  • Howard's Den - Masculine Comfort in the City

    Howard's Den - Masculine Comfort in the City

    The color and texture of Howard's Den convey a sense of comfortable masculinity in an urban setting. There is a sense of travel, ruggedness, softened by a muted palette of earth tones, black and gray. All the lines, right angles and curvilinear shapes combined, bring a harmony without being over thought and staged.

    a. Lazenby Lamp  b. Bedouin Pillow  c. Kalahari Chair  d. Scandinavia Pouf   e. Cadiz Pillow  f. Spencer Sofa by OMNIA  g. Narratives Wool Rug  8'x11' 

    Sherwin Williams Coordinating Paint Colors

    Need help selecting rugs or decor? Let the NW Rugs design team pull together a few items for you. Our singular-style service is a big hit with busy families and professionals who need to pull a look together quickly but just don't have the time or patience for all the shopping it may take. Here we pulled together a look Howard can mix in well with what he already has and add to over time. What can we do for you?