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  • Going With Neutrals or Earth Tones

    Going With Neutrals or Earth Tones

    Eric has tried color before and finds he really isn't a fan. He feels most comfortable with darker neutrals and earth tones. Now he can't quite decide which of these 5 rugs to choose for this extra room that may become an office or "man cave".

    He has seen lighter rugs used to contrast darker rooms, so he is willing to try one of these.

    Marrakesh 1442H by Sphinx

    Harper 07NL by Loloi

    This one is going outside the box a little, but there is something about the mottled look that appeals to him.

    Kasbah 3807A by Sphinx

    His inclination is to go with one of these three, preferring the darker one. Which do you think would work best?

    Sahara 05EL by Loloi
    (this is our favorite for the room)

    Marrakesh 5993E by Sphinx

    Truth be told, any one of these would work well, but it is important to think long term. Down the line the rug may find its home in another room, or he might change the furniture. Earth tones and neutral rugs are a good choice as they complement pretty much everything. The key is to have enough texture and interest when choosing these types of rugs so that the décor doesn't come off as flat and muddy.