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  • What to Look for When Purchasing An Indoor/Outdoor Rug

    What to Look for When Purchasing An Indoor/Outdoor Rug

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    Outdoor rugs are a great choice when needing something more durable for high traffic areas, sunrooms, or the outdoors! People are creating wonderful outdoor retreats that feel like an extension of their home. To make a space feel relaxing it is all about the details, starting with the perfect indoor/outdoor rug.

    Outdoor rugs can enhance your space by adding fun patterns and colors. By adding an outdoor rug, you will create a soft contrast against your patio or deck, which will help create a visually more inviting area.

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    It is well known that outdoor rugs have many functional aspects as well. There are many types of materials to consider. You have natural fiber rugs made with bamboo, jute, sisal, and hemp. There are also more man-made durable rugs such as Duracord, nylon, polyester, and polypropylene blends.

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    If it rains, simply shake the water out and hang the rug over a railing. Slated decks provide better drainage than concrete. “It’s not good to let these rugs sit in water. You must take care of the rug. Don’t abuse it.” warns Ms. Galligan, an interior designer herself. If there is going to be a prolonged period of rain, roll the rug up and bring it inside.

    Machine made polypropylene outdoor area rugs are easy to care for – just vacuum and use mild detergent with water for spot cleaning. Many can even be hosed off in a jiffy. Let it dry completely before putting it back on the patio, deck, or terrace. Using a pad underneath will prevent slipping.

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    For really sunny areas it's wise to purchase UV-stabilized outdoor area rugs. With all the beautiful colors and patterns now available you want to ensure the colors last. The UV treatment protects against fading.

    Getting the right size rug is key. For seating areas, set the front legs of chairs and sofas on the rug. For dining areas, you will want to make sure that the rug is large enough so that the chair legs stay on the rug when they are pulled out for sitting down. This way the floor surface is protected.

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    Outdoor rugs help define a space, create a real sense of an outdoor room, and provide comfort and style for a well deserved rest.

    Family and friends will appreciate the attention to detail that every hostess knows is the key to successful and fun entertaining.

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