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Peshawar (Pershaver) Traditional, Transitional, Hand Knotted Rugs

by nwrugs July 22, 2014

Peshawar (Pershaver) Traditional, Transitional, Hand Knotted Rugs

Although Peshawar rugs often feature subtle designs and colors, there are many which feature bold colors as well. More often than not, Peshawar rugs are woven in all over designs, although there are both repeat patterns and medallions which are woven in less volume.

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Peshawar (Peshavar) rugs and carpets are sometimes also referred to as chobi rugs, which a loose translation means "of wood" or of natural colors.

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The Peshawar style is highly characterized by a thinly sheered pile, large print designs, and most predominant, their antique ivory and sometimes golden tones.  It is fairly unusual for a Peshawar carpet to have more than 8 distinct colors, and the general overtone has a "washed-out" or sometimes even faded appearance.

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Part of the popularity of Peshawar rugs may be attributed to the process of tea-washing which was in high demand in the early 1990's going forward.  This technique gives new rugs anantiqued appearance through a special treatment which gives rugs a golden patina.  While Peshawar rugs are not necessarily subject to the tea wash process, they certainly have a similar tone.

Very nice examples of Peshawar rugs are woven with Gazni wool, which is a very nice grade of wool known for both its durability and natural luster.

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Peshawar carpets primarily come from two different regions, Pakistan and Afghanistan, however, more recently, India has also been producing variations of this style of rug as well.

Chobi peshawar rug ;oveofrugs

We invite you to view these and many other Peshawar (Peshaver) rugs at any one of our conveniently located showrooms in Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

Special thanks to RugRag for this succinct description of these beautiful and versatile rugs.

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by nwrugs


March 27, 2019

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