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4 Design Updates to Make in Your Bedroom This Month

by nwrugs May 10, 2018

4 Design Updates to Make in Your Bedroom This Month

Sometimes, the most neglected room in the house is the one we spend our most restful time in: the bedroom. And, due to the amount of time one spends here, it’s important to keep this space calming in nature and beautiful in design. Looking to update your bedroom soon? Here are a few simple and more advanced design updates to make in your bedroom this month.

Pops of color


Pops of Color

Nothing says fresh like a bright bedroom. Mix and match eclectic decor or add pops of color in the form of bright pink flowers, colorful bedding or a lovely green plant in the corner of the room. The best part? You’ll be extra motivated to get out of bed in the morning with this super cheery decor update. Expert tip: try coordinating colors like light pink and apple green for a truly fun look.

Updated Bedding

Updated Bedding

Sometimes all it takes to recreate a tired, old interior design theme is simply changing one thing in the room. When it comes to your bedroom, an easy fix is updating your bedding. If you’ve owned your pillows, sheets and blankets for a while, chances are that they’ve dulled out in color and quality over time. Brainstorm what kind of look you want your new bedding to have and be sure to take comfort into consideration. Do you have trouble sleeping? Consider investing in a weighted blanket. Want to fight fine lines, wrinkles and frizz? Consider investing in a silk or satin sheet set.

Add accessories

Add Accessories

It’s the little things that help to create the bigger picture of a well-designed bedroom. Taking this into consideration, it may be time to accessorize your bedroom. You can do this by adding candles on the nightstand, decorative throw pillows on the bed, a gorgeous rug on the floor or some beautiful art on the wall. These updates aren’t major renovations, but they’ll still give you that extra “umph” that’s been missing from your design theme.

Mimic Hotel

Mimic a Hotel Room Look

Interior designers have noticed a trend in turning the bedroom into a multipurpose space that’s almost hotel-like in nature. As people are spending more time at home and using their bedrooms for work and sleep, incorporating work-related and luxury elements could be the update you need.

How will you update your bedroom this month? We hope you find these tips helpful as you set about incorporating some new elements into your design theme.

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by nwrugs

Monica Tague

May 22, 2018

I would like ideas for my home. Thank you

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