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  • 4 Interior Design Trends for 2019: Love It or Leave It?

    4 Interior Design Trends for 2019: Love It or Leave It?

    As 2018 draws to a close, and we prepare to celebrate the holidays with our friends and loved ones, you’re probably thinking about some of the New Year’s Resolutions that you want to introduce in 2019. Perhaps you’ve resolved to eat more healthy foods, or to save up enough to take that dream vacation that you’ve been thinking about for the past few years. Perhaps, you may even be thinking about how you’d like to change the look of your home.

    2018 was an incredible year for the interior design and furniture industry. We didn’t see one particular style come out on top, but instead, a wealth of different styles, tastes, and choices blending together to create a truly unique plethora of incredible designs. Modern and contemporary styles gained prominence among young urbanites, reflecting their efficient, on-the-go lifestyles. Elsewhere, traditional and rustic designs saw people taking advantage of those timeless design elements that have been making homes beautiful for decades.

    The result is that NW Rugs has curated a wide array of colors, patterns, textures, and fabrics, to better serve you, and give you plenty of wonderful choices to achieve the look you desire. If you are indeed wanting to transform your home into a dream space in 2019, you’ve picked the perfect time to do so, and NW Rugs is here to help you. To help you generate some ideas, we’ve compiled some of the top design trends to come out of 2018, as well as some wonderful ideas that we know will only grow in popularity as we enter the New Year.


    Tribal Rugs

    Tribal and Geometric Patterns

    These enduring patterns have always been in style, and in 2018, they were featured in the designs of living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms across the country.

    It’s easy to see why.

    These patterns, inspired by the diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones that once filled the treasure troves of ancient kings and queens, are all but guaranteed to introduce an exotic element into your home that will leave you and your guests enchanted.

    Part of what  makes these patterns so enduring is the aura of mystery and elegance they exude. They range between simple, repetitive shapes that make you feel calm and at peace, to dynamic compositions that inspire you to study them carefully, marveling over each intricate detail, and wondering if there’s not some lesson or story woven into the fabric, told in a secret language that’s just waiting to be uncovered.

    As you browse through our collection of  handmade oriental rugs,  moroccan rugs,  pakistani rugs, and  gabbeh rugs, you’ll notice the myriad of patterns and colors in each collection. Each rug is a unique, rich tapestry of different elements, and while they each share some of the same enduring characteristics, namely, a timeless, handwoven quality, no two are alike. Each rug distinguishes itself with a unique combination of rich colors, patterns that range from simple to intricate, and fabrics that fit perfectly in any design, in any home.

    Floral Designs and Wallpapers

    Flowers have been used to craft absolutely gorgeous interior design pieces for hundreds of years now. Designers and decorators the world over have long turned to Mother Nature for inspiration, and flowers are some of her most beautiful creations. Couple that aspect with the rising concerns about ecological issues, and the desire to preserve the beautiful world we all share, and it’s obvious why these enduring designs have come back in a big way.

    Wallpaper has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent months, especially among first time homeowners. Wallpaper makes it relatively easy to introduce a distinguished, beautiful look in your home, that’s difficult to achieve with wall paint alone. You don’t have to worry about sorting through literally hundreds of thousands of various hues, tints, and tones to find that perfect look, and you can work confidently as you decorate, knowing that you will have the same inspiring pattern with each sheet of paper.

    We feature these same enduring  floral patterns in many of our high-quality rugs, and you can put them to good use in the same way. Whether you’re looking for a pattern that perfectly recreates the beautiful flowers found throughout the world, or subdued bursts of color that suggest, rather than illustrate, the lush petals and stems found in nature, we have the perfect rug that you’re looking for to decorate your home.

    Joanna Gaines Pillows

    Decorative Pillows

    The perfect complement to a countless number of designs, 2018 saw decorative pillows come to the forefront of popularity. We’re more than confident that this trend will carry over in 2019 and will serve to add the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom, living room, and lounge designs.

    To help enrich your design even further, NW Rugs is proud to announce that, through our incredible partnership with Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Home, we now offer an exclusive line of decorative pillows crafted by the Queen of Home Makeovers herself. Our new collection of magnolia home pillows is truly a collection of comfort personified, and you’re sure to find something that you’ll love.

    In a way that  only Joanna Gaines can do, these pillows will fit a wide array of design themes, while retaining an enduring quality that will ensure they look gorgeous going into 2019, and far beyond. There’s a wide, wonderful variety of textures, patterns, and weaves used in these pillows, that come together to craft some of the most elegant, but subtle, decorations that Magnolia has ever created. 

    As in all of her wonderful pieces, these pillows accentuate, but don’t overwhelm. They rely on a mixture of soft, subtle whites, grays, pinks, and other hues, coupled with simple, traditionally inspired patterns to foster comfort, and memories of our childhood homes. This delicate arrangement of colors and patterns ensures that Joanna’s decorative pillows will add just the right touch of beauty to any bed, sofa, or loveseat, and will make the perfect accent to your design.

    Soft, Durable Fabrics

    As varied as 2018 was, and 2019 promises to be, there were some unexpected, but welcome, trends that surprised us. There was a surge in popularity amongst certain fabrics that will make any home feel more comfortable, while withstanding the trials and tribulations that every home endures.

    Specifically, feedback from shoppers just like you revealed that suede and velvet were, without a doubt, the preferred fabrics in 2018. We’ve long understood that the material and fabric choices in home décor could play just as big a role in crafting a beautiful design as the color and texture, and we’ve done our best to help others understand this as well through our posts on  material and fabric selection. For that reason, it was very encouraging to see more people taking the fabrics used to make their décor choices under consideration, and we couldn’t agree more: suede and velvet are two of the best fabrics you can get!

    Velvet has a refined, very classy appearance, that will bring an instant lift to any existing design. Referencing our collection of  velvet sofas, chairs, and rugs, you will immediately note that velvet carries a high sheen, that will shimmer beautifully in both natural and artificial light, and will go a long way in helping you draw attention to elements in your design that you want to highlight.

    Velvet is also incredibly soft, and immediately starts to soothe you, as soon as it touches your skin. It also offers the advantage of being a durable material, that resists scuffing and bruising remarkably well, and is very easy to clean using a vacuum and damp towel. These characteristics will ensure that velvet makes a great addition in any living space, especially those that see a lot of use, while retaining its lush texture and appearance.

    A Happy Home, for a Happy New Year

    We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this post, and that it’s given you some great ideas about what you’d like to do to make your home even more beautiful in the coming year. No matter which of these trends you choose to implement, the important thing is that you use the pieces, colors, and textures that work best for you. Take the time to plan your makeover and focus on the emotions that you want your living space to convey - this will help you discover exactly which pieces will fulfill your vision.

    As you start planning, use our style blog, and our catalogue of high-quality rugs, pillows, chairs, sofa, and other furniture to generate even more ideas. Browse through our product pictures, compare colors and textures, and find the perfect pieces that you’ll need to create the kind of space you’ll be proud to live in for 2019, and for many years to come. From our family at NW Rugs, to your family at home, we wish you a very happy holiday season, and a very happy new year!