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Decisions, decisions, decisions #37

Decisions, decisions, decisions #37

Regular followers of our Facebook page are familiar with our "Which Rug?" posts. It's a fun way to flex your decorating eye, get inspired, and see new ways to incorporate rugs into your own home. Here's our most recent room in need of a rug - Which one would you pick? (As they say in math class, show your work in comments if you are so inclined.)

The chair fabric dominates the design scheme here so adding another pattern would be a tricky risk. But a predominantly solid rug with a patina and or texture would do the trick to finish off this lovely, cool pastel palette. A darker color will highlight the brighter colors, while a similarly lighter hued rug would act as a unifying complement. Which rug would you lay down to complete this space? A, B, C, D, or E?


  1. Nova
  2. Williamsburg
  3. Silk Shadow:
  4. Expressions:
  5. Elton

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  • I would choose the Silk Shadow rug. It gives a solid foundation to the design, while still pulling colors from the pillows, picture and chair.

    • slcmac91
  • I’d go with the Silk Shadow as a focal point, to coordinate with the darker cushions, and to contrast with the lighter floor and walls.

    • Rachel A
  • I would choose the Expressions rug because I think it would be good to have the deep color of the curtains replicated elsewhere in the room and putting it on the floor helps balance the colors. That particular rug is also appealing because it contains multiple colors used in the room, such as the purple.

    • Kayley