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5 of The Trendiest Rug Prints of the Season

by nwrugs November 15, 2017

5 of The Trendiest Rug Prints of the Season

This season, there’s a rug to suit each and every person’s interior design tastes. Whether you like bright colors, statement rugs or more muted prints, these are the hottest rugs of the season.

Barcelona Rug

Barcelona Shag

Bright, bold and oh so cozy, the Barcelona Shag Rug will keep your interiors looking sharp all winter long. The rust orange color will provide an excellent pop of color to a dull or drab interior. For those who are already looking forward to warmer weather, a colorful shag rug is the perfect buy to get you through the fall and winter months.


Enigma Contact Brushed Gold

Subtle in design, the Enigma Contact Brushed Gold Rug will tie together any Scandinavian-inspired design theme. It’s minimalistic in nature, but its delightful pattern still creates plenty of dimension and contrast in your space. Neutral colors of tan and gold make it easy for this rug to fit seamlessly into any room.



Picture ocean waves in your living room. Now enter the Twilight Rug. Brushstrokes of muted blues and dark browns collide to create the perfect rug for those who desire to have nature-inspired elements in their homes.


Viera Grey/Navy

Art enthusiasts will love the Viera Rug for its painting-like appearance. Admire this rug on your living room floor each day as it complements your modern furniture and wall paintings. Try this one in a predominantly monochromatic room to add contrast and a subtle burst of smart color.


Moroccan Collection

Black and cream in color, the Moroccan Collection Rug is taking prints back to basics. With simple symbols and line sketches spread over the fabric, this rug will look great in rooms where white or black play major roles in the design themes.

Which rug print will you purchase this season? Let us know!

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by nwrugs

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