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  • 5 Places You Need Runners

    5 Places You Need Runners

    If you're looking for an area rug to serve either a decorative or practical purpose, runner rugs are a great choice. Their long and narrow design adds a beautiful touch to the decor of a room and instantly transforms a boring space into an interesting one! In the practical sense, runners protect feet from slipping in particularly vulnerable areas, protect hardwood floors from excess wear and tear, or simply adds comfort to a hard floor.

    Perfect for placing in areas where large rugs are not sensible or simply don't fit, here are 5 spaces runners fit nicely:


    Runners can add an air of sophistication to your stairways, while shielding them from excess wear and tear. They also add a strong level of protection from feet slipping, which is always an important factor to consider for the elderly, kids, and pets!


    Hallways are long and often difficult to dress up. Adding a quality runner adds eye-catching color and design to what might be an otherwise drab, forgotten space.


      Since entryways are what visitors first encounter when coming into your home, a stylish runner can add a pleasing "wow" factor to your space.


      Have hardwood floors? A runner on either side of the bed adds alovely decorative touch and gives your feet a cozy space to step onto every morning.


      Bathrooms floors are often narrow, making runners a great way to add some flair to the room while minimizing floor wear and reducing the potential for slippage. Plus, there’s nothing worse than stepping onto freezing cold tile after a warm shower or bath! Consider a shag runner for that extra spa treatment in your bathroom.

      Runners come in all shapes and designs to suit any taste. Go traditional or contemporary in style. Best of all, there is no installation required. Simply place the runner in your space and adjust its positioning to your liking to elevate your décor!