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Finding Your Style With The Help of A Designer

Finding Your Style With The Help of A Designer

The skills of an interior designer really come to light when you realize you are in the dark about the next step in your decorating project. You've done all you can but still somehow it doesn't quite match what you had envisioned. And that's understandable. Designers study color theory, space planning, materials and many other facets of design that more often lie just beneath the surface but are so essential to a cohesive design scheme. 

A Portland couple came to this very point in their process recently and was fortunate to contact ReDu Design. "As designers, Ann and Dulce aimed to guide, as opposed to control, the clients' desires. “We don’t sell design products for commission; instead, we’re motivated by the needs of the client,” says Ann. “We try to inspire our clients, helping them discover their own style and match that with their practical needs.” 


By taking into consideration what the couple had already done, and picking up further cues from their pictures that inspired the color scheme, ReDu was able to create a design plan that dovetailed nicely not only with their style preferences but also their commitment to local and sustainable products. 


We, and designers, always recommend starting with the rug and working your way up. ReDu first chose a wool rug at and used the colors of the rug as the basis for the design, using it to match fabrics, materials and furnishings. They selected a subtle but not too shy Oushak rug. History side note: Originally woven by nomads and used as essential necessities, the Oushakrugs became known for their beautiful designs and quality and became the favored rugs of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th century.

Working together with their clients, and listening closely to not only their style likes but to their values and lifestyle choices, the designers came up with a final outcome that the couple are delighted with and can't wait to share with family and friends over the holiday season. 

"The main objective for this project  was to work with the existing space and make it more functional for everyday family use as well as for entertaining. This was  done primarily with the area rug,  furniture selection and arrangement including, using the existing artwork and “bones” of the room as inspiration," Dulce explains.

 How do you think this project turned out? You can see other work by Ann Reed and Dulce Roberto of ReDu Interiors on their Houzz page. Here are couple of their other projects.