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  • Inspired Magnolia Decorating Ideas Using Magnolia Home Collection Rugs

    Inspired Magnolia Decorating Ideas Using Magnolia Home Collection Rugs

    The Right Rug is a Perfect Final Touch for Your Magnolia Home Decor

    Joanna Gaines has made a name for herself over the last several years as an interior designer and host of her (and her husband’s) show on HGTV. The program features their design and build company, Magnolia Home, transforming properties that appear beyond hope into light, airy homes that are at once clean and modern, yet subtly rustic and warm. With her collection for NW Rugs, Joanna brings the same sensibility, creating intricate patterns in subtle tones and, where she does become expressive with color, scaling back the pattern. The result is a body of work that has depth and style with restraint enough not to overwhelm a space. Below are three highlights from the collection.



    The pieces in the Teresa line have a heavily South American influenced aesthetic. Reminiscent of the textiles and patterns created by master artisans in the mountains of Bolivia; often making use of geometric patterning in two colors for a subtle contrast, they call to mind the rugged plains and expansive ranches at the foot of the Andean range. Or possibly Texas, Joanna’s home state.

    Made from machined polyester, rayon, wool, and nylon and hooked in India by skilled artisans, the Teresa line features a high to low texture that enhances the intricate detailing. The neutral palette allows for easy placement in a variety of settings. Whether you do in fact live on a ranch in South America, or a modern apartment in San Francisco these handsome rugs will provide a warm, graceful atmosphere all the same.

    Emmie Kay

    Emmie Kay

    The Scandinavian inspired Emmie Kay pieces are 100% wool and completely handwoven. The patterns are intricate, though repetitive, lending them a soothing, meditative feel. They have something of the charm of a hand knitted Nordic sweater about them. Comforting and inviting, they’ll add a kinetic warmth to any space; even larger rooms that tend to have an impersonal vibe. The extravagant detail in the pattern is offset by the low contrast in color, adding energy to the pieces without making them too busy.



    The Tulum line of rugs by Joanna is an easy choice as a highlight. The simple, handwoven patterns in all natural wool have an organic spontaneity that feels truly handmade. Each piece features spare, Moroccan influenced linework in a dark tone set against lighter material, resulting in a traditional kilim motif. The natural fiber is soft underfoot and the earthy tones of the material make them good pairings with almost any aesthetic. Joanna is at her best in this part of the collection, achieving a simple elegance that is powerful yet fun, and a timeless aesthetic that makes them heirloom quality rugs.

    These are just three highlights, but with 15 pieces in the Magnolia Home Collection for NW Rugs there’s something to fit just about any space. There are a wide range of styles, but Joanna managed to develop something of an aesthetic vocabulary, encompassing a variety of motifs yet somehow making each one her own, and that’s a good thing.