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  • Home Decor Trends at Las Vegas Market 2023

    Home Decor Trends at Las Vegas Market 2023

    Las Vegas Market is a four-day interior design trade show held twice a year in Las Vegas. As one of the largest home decor events in the world, the show brings together furniture makers, interior designers, architects, lighting specialists, and more to showcase their latest products and services. We attend Las Vegas Market every year to preview the newest designs and bring new products to the showroom. Here are some trends we noticed while we were there in August: 

    Persian/Oriental Rugs

    We recognized the influence of old-world rug designs as we moved through the market, seeing Persian rugs incorporated into furniture and room displays. The popularity of Persian-made and Oriental rugs continues to grow as eco-consciousness works it’s way into the home décor industry, where hand knotted rugs prove their timelessness again and again, through longevity and quality. 

    Vintage styles are constantly gaining traction; authentic pieces are sought after more and more, and there is a terrific market for providing affordable replicas of classic looks. Rugs and textiles are certainly no exception to this trend, and there is a growing resurgence of interest in authentic rugs made by skilled artisans in India, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran. These rugs are typically hand knotted or hand loomed, colored with natural dyes, and known for being more durable than machine-made ones. Their machine-made counterparts, however, are practical, stylish alternatives that provide just the right look without breaking the bank! 

    With our continued focus on sustainability, we loved to see so many showrooms incorporating other rug-inspired textiles. Pillows, ottomans, and framed art made from repurposed rugs or rug fragments is one of the most significant ways the bold colors and designs of old rugs are coming back into fashion. This trend isn’t new this year, but it’s nice to see the style is thriving. Giving new life to an antique rug is sustainable, and honors the craftsmanship of the people who made it.

    Curvy Shapes 

    We have started to see circular shapes take precedence in home décor, most notably in the styles we found at market. Think of rounded edges, oval tables, amorphous accents, and C-shaped chair backs. Everything was round and soft. It looked modern, but comfortable. In place of sharp corners, we saw arcs and bends. Upholstery often sported a rounded back. Curved sofas with round, ball pillows were prevalent in nearly every showroom, but the curved line aesthetic also made it’s way into coffee tables, dining furniture, accent chairs, lamps, and accessories. This trend matches with the furniture innovations that we have been seeing for years now, but it feels distinctive in the way everything looks slightly ergonomic, without losing warmth or contemporary appeal. 

    Rug Layering

    Rug layering as a style is often overlooked, but it can create a wholly unique effect! It involves placing multiple rugs of varying sizes and patterns on top of each other to create an eye-catching effect in any room. The key to successful rug layering is to choose rugs that complement each other in terms of color, pattern and texture. The most common rug layering look we saw at Market is where the bottom rug is neutral and textured, with a slightly smaller, patterned rug angled on top of it. 

    Another way to create a layered rug look is with different sizes and patterns of carpets or rugs. You can place one large area rug in the center of your room, then drape smaller accent rugs around it to fit under extra chairs, desks, or side tables. If you have an open floor plan, using multiple rugs in different colors and patterns can help define separate areas within your living space—like separating an entryway from a kitchen or dining room with a runner rug. 


    We love the velvet accent pieces we saw, especially in vibrant jewel tones. Velvet is a trend that never really went away, and possibly never will. Soft, velvety sofas are popular in both used and new furniture markets, possibly for their versatility in eclectic spaces, but notably because interesting textures always garner interest. At Market this year, velvet was more of a supporting character, appearing on accent chairs and ottomans. We found other touchable textures trending throughout the market, including a sherpa material that was prevalent in accent pieces as well, and brought a surprising amount of sophistication and style to the space it was in. 

    Gold Accents 

    We saw all kinds of gold accents throughout the market, from chandeliers to hardware on consoles. Gold accents give a warm, inviting feeling to even the most modern of spaces, and adds a touch of luxury without being ostentatious. It plays well with the velvet and jewel tones that we noticed, but looks great with sandy, textured boho looks and was a shoo-in for any neutral décor. We saw gold accents on table lamps and chandeliers, as well as on consoles. If you’re looking to add just the right amount of glimmer or glamour to your space, gold is a fantastic choice. 

    Cane is back! 

    Like vintage bar carts and crown molding, cane furniture is making a comeback in a big way. This trend really began ramping up a few years ago when the vintage crowd was suddenly gripped by the look of those rounded wicker shelves. The look is an elegant alternative to rattan or wicker, and we especially love the way we are seeing it paired with gold accents for a perfect mix of vintage meets modern. 

    Today, we're seeing caning take a much more elegant turn from the old fashioned chair backing style. We saw cane lining the sides of upholstered furniture, and cane paneled doors on chic cabinets. It’s not a look that serves everyone, but if you’re looking for something different than your standard midcentury modern or industrial style pieces, caned furniture might be worth considering. This style continues to be popular at Las Vegas Market and with home décor influencers, so we think it will stick around for a while. 


    Las Vegas Market 2023 did not disappoint, and the trends unveiled at the event are sure to have an impact on the furniture and home decor industry over the next year. From mixed metals to curvy upholstery, the styles showcased this year offer homeowners and decorators a wide range of options to choose from. So whether you prefer nature-inspired decor or sleek minimalist designs, these trends are sure to inspire and delight.