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How to Make a Bedroom Oasis

by nwrugs September 05, 2018

How to Make a Bedroom Oasis

Paying attention to the little details is all it takes to make your bedroom into a personal oasis. When you’re trying to make a room feel like an escape, think first about color and comfort. Consider your favorite color and what makes you feel calm. Many people love the soothing color of blue in a wide variety of tones, while others prefer warmer shades of red or orange to make them feel at home. A bedroom oasis should start and end with your preferences, whether your style is eccentric and playful or minimalist and refined. After you determine what an oasis means to you, consider these tips:

Find a Rug That Ties Your Design Together

When it comes to decorating a bedroom into an oasis, look for ways to pull all the design elements together. From sheets and throw pillows to the perfectly placed photo on a nightstand, nothing brings every careful decorative choice together like the perfect rug. Whether you choose a patterned rug that is bold like the Tangier 1 Red , or you go for a more subtle rug such as the Fresco FRE-4 Ivory , a rug is always the perfect finishing touch to room that is uniquely you!

Play with Textures

bedroom oasis

In order to create a bedroom that emotionally feels like an oasis, make sure you pay attention to what the room literally feels like! We recommend filling your bedroom with inviting, soft textures. Make use of plush throw pillows in a variety of shades, furniture that’s beautiful and you actually want to lounge on, and rugs that welcome you home with their comfort when you take your first step into the room. When you decorate with the colors and textures you truly love, your bedroom will look like the oasis of your dreams.

by nwrugs

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