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  • How to Use Shades of Gray in Your Design Theme

    How to Use Shades of Gray in Your Design Theme

    Interior designers can all agree on the fact that whites and browns have had their moment in the home design spotlight, but gray is often missing from the picture. And mistakenly so as gray can be a versatile, beautiful, and relaxing color to use in your home. Here’s how you can incorporate shades of gray into your design theme.

    Shades of Gray

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    Shades of Gray

    Go monochromatic by mixing and matching several shades of gray throughout your living room. The look is lowkey, ultra chic and oh-so-calming. Take shades like rocky bluffs, hematite, gravity, and misty morning dew into consideration when choosing your grays.


    Chalky Gray

    Chalky Gray

    Chalky gray is beautiful and soft and can help to lighten the effect of a more dramatic wallpaper. Look for floral wallpaper in this shade of gray for a temporary or permanent style fix that is both edgy and classy at the same time.


    Pink and Gray

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    Pink & Gray

    Consider a dusty gray and millennial pink combination in your living room or bedroom. The combination may sound daring at first, but the effect is quite elegant and soft if you choose the right shades. Also, try gray couches and armchairs with millennial pink accents.


    White and Gray


    White & Gray

    Don’t want to go all-out minimalist but you’re still somewhat into the style? Switch it up by adding gray into this typically all-white theme. Then, dress up the rest of the room with simple pops of color like a nice potted plant or wall print. Try a shade like vessel gray for this juxtaposition.

    How will you use shades of gray in your design theme? We hope this list inspires you to add this calming and varied color into some aspect of your home’s aesthetic.

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