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  • What to Expect at the Showroom

    What to Expect at the Showroom

    Rugs have a long and beautiful history, but some part of it still leaves customers apprehensive. Let’s face it - notions of aggressive sales, gimmicks, and dishonest pricing can be unnerving, and steer you away from the brick and mortar rug shop. We’re on a mission to alleviate those fears and make rug shopping a better experience for everyone, by providing low-pressure expertise. Here’s what awaits you, and how you can prepare for a visit to one of our locations.

    First Impressions are Everything

    The initial reaction after walking into a NW Rugs & Furniture showroom for the first time is usually one of surprise. There is a lot to look at, here. Rugs are hanging on walls and galleries, and laying in tidy stacks of varying size, and surrounding all of this is a goodly array of furniture. Our comprehensive inventory allows for more flexibility with style and price, so don’t be intimidated by the fact that we have investment quality rugs. We do specialize in hard-to-find sizes and one of a kind pieces, but we also carry a large selection of great designer rugs.

    Someone will greet you right away, but don’t let that scare you off. We understand how overwhelming it might be to a first-timer, so we make a concerted effort to tune-in to the kind of shopping experience each customer is looking for. When you’re ready, we’ll ask you a few questions about your rug needs and go from there. The process is fairly straightforward after that, and all depends on what you ultimately want to see in your home.

    Before you arrive at the showroom there’s a couple of things we need you to think about. Of course we can consult you on any of these points, but knowing them in advance gives us better guidance and saves you time. Here’s what you should bring with you: 


    How big does your rug need to be? Take measurements of any floor space, wall length or individual elements that might influence the size of rug or furniture you want. We recommend using a tape measure to block out common rug sizes in the room before you start browsing, rather than making an educated guess. An eyeball-estimate might stand in the way of you taking home a rug, when you realize that you actually need to go back and measure. If you aren’t sure how to select a size, don’t fret! Our size guide will give you a place to start, and we can talk about it more during your visit. 

    Color and Style

    Is your style more traditional or contemporary? Would you like something neutral or something bold? With so much possibility in front of you, it might be difficult to nail down just one or two colors or styles. A great way to kick off that selection process is to decide whether you want a light or dark palette, and to figure out colors you want to coordinate in the room. If you have concerns about fitting with certain furniture or accent walls, it’s a good idea to bring samples or swatches to match. Some customers have brought in pillows or cushions, or just photos of the space. Anything helps! For the curious, ourStyle Quiz is a quick little detour that might bring more clarity to the style dilemma.

    At The End of the Day

    The temptation to shop online and avoid awkward, pushy sales experiences can be tough to ignore. All the options are right in front of you, and you can browse at a time that’s convenient for you. Take care, however; your satisfaction could hinge around color, size or material, and with a larger ticket item this can cause some headaches. The majority of online returns we see are because of color related issues. Returns require extra shipping fees, and then you have to start looking for a rug all over again. We highly recommend ordering samples of the rugs you like, whenever possible, or simply walking through our door to see it in person. Nothing beats seeing and feeling a rug in person.

    We keep a healthy inventory at all of our showrooms, and we encourage you to come walk around. We can give you immediate service or let you get the lay of the land first. Help with styling/color coordination? You bet. Feel free toschedule an appointment with our new calendar on the homepage, orcontact us with any questions you have!