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When you think of Amish furniture, what comes to mind? For us, it's high quality, hand crafted and made in America. Our new line of Amish furniture brings everything you need in a dining set. Every pieces is built to order but only takes 8-10 weeks to ship!

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The materials

The hardwoods used in construction are harvested in Ohio, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania and sent to the mills in northern Indiana. After that, lumber is stacked into dry kilns where it is dried down to approximately 8% moisture content. Finally the wood is cut into staves, glued together in order to make wider panels. The wood shavings and sawdust is used for mulch and animal bedding to ensure that as little waste is produced as possible

The finish

After construction the furniture has the stain sprayed on and wiped off by hand, to better bring out the grain. A sealer coat is then applied of high quality conversion varnish which is then sanded lightly to eliminate grain raising followed by a finish coat. Some finish processes are much more intensive such as paints, glazes and multistep finishes and the end result is dependent totally on the talents of the craftsman applying these processes.

The Family

Fast forward to today, all employees are Amish and most are neighbors or live close enough that they commute to work with either horse and buggy or bicycle. Many also have farms at home or chores they do after work. Employee turnover is low, many have worked at Amish Impressions for 10 to 15 years. Noah and Margaret have a family of three. Marcus is in charge of the finish shop and warehouse and is General manager of Amish Impressions, Maria and Allen work in the office. Amish Impressions is a family owned operation and is operated as one and corporate America attitude doesn't exist here.

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