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Barkley Collection

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Barkley 01SI
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Barkley 01SI $ 379.00- $ 3,739.00
Barkley 01IV
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Barkley 01IV $ 379.00- $ 3,739.00
Barkley 01MC
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Barkley 01MC $ 379.00- $ 3,739.00
Barkley 01CC
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Barkley 01CC $ 379.00- $ 3,739.00

Breathe order, balance and calm into any setting with the new, hand-loomed Barkley Collection. These linear, tonal designs in wool and shimmery viscose are at once casual, chic and ultra sophisticated, with intricately shaded neutrals like charcoal, ivory, mocha and silver. Whether you are winding down from a hard-earned day or gently easing into a new one, the soothing designs in the Barkley Collection will provide the perfect sense of harmony and peace just where you need it most.