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Furniture That You Can Customize

With NW Rugs & Furniture you can create furniture that fits YOUR PERSONAL taste, comfort & lifestyle. No piece of furniture will be the same. 

Start your search with a style.

  1. As long as the sofa is comfortable in regards to seat depth, width and arm height. Everything else can be customized.
  2. Click on the collection that most interest you, to see the different styles of base, arms and back that fits your custom style.
  3. After that click on the  fabric or leather tab, it directs you to our design center. From there you can choose from over 1500 different fabrics or leathers.
  4. Top off your custom furniture by choosing the wood finish and the cushion option... the possibilities are limitless!

The best part about the entire process is that a design associate is seconds away. No wait, no annoying automated machine but a real design associate located in our showrooms. CLICK HERE  to find the location closest to you!

Custom Furniture Collections

  • Colors

  • Patterns

  • Price (5'x8')*

  • Sizes

  • Material

  • Weaving Technique

Ava Chair 2031 $ 1,595.00
Quick View
Ava Contrast-Trim Sofa 2031 $ 3,604.00
Quick View
Ava Sectional 2031 $ 10,300.00
Quick View
Bridgeport Sectional 2061 $ 15,000.00
Quick View

Bridgeport Low-arm Sofa 2061
Quick View
Chair 2041-50 $ 2,600.00
Quick View
Charles Sofa 2081 $ 3,795.00
Quick View
Hoyt Flared-arm Sofa 2062
Quick View

Hoyt Sectional 2062 $ 11,600.00
Quick View
Irving Chair 2053 $ 3,300.00
Quick View
Irving Sectional 2053 $ 12,000.00
Quick View
Irving T-Back Sofa 2053
Quick View

Miriam Sectional 2071 $ 16,000.00
Quick View
Miriam Sofa 2071 $ 5,000.00
Quick View
Reilly Chair 2042 $ 2,706.00
Quick View
Reilly Sectional 2042 $ 12,000.00
Quick View

Reilly Sofa 2042
Quick View
Susan Rolled-Arm Sofa 2051 $ 3,465.00
Quick View
Walton Sectional 2041 $ 15,000.00
Quick View
Walton Sofa 2041 $ 4,095.00
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