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Premier-Pad , Area Rugs
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Premier-Pad $ 30.00- $ 282.00
Sultan-Pad , Area Rugs
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Sultan-Pad $ 16.00- $ 150.00

When you invest in a quality handmade rug, it’s a good idea to protect and care for your carefully selected purchase. That’s where area rug padding comes in. Rug pads increase the longevity of both your flooring and your rugs. Area rug pads prevent the fibers in a floor piece from being crushed, and they act as a buffer between the rug and the hard surface below. Rug padding also heightens safety in the home by ensuring that a rug does not slip or pull, regardless of whether it’s sitting on hardwood, carpet, or tiling. Rug pads also help with cleanliness (you can vacuum more easily) and increase comfort levels by adding soft cushioning underfoot.