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  • Pull it Together - Decor Tip #47

    Pull it Together - Decor Tip #47

    We ran across this great tip from Gabrielle Savoie via  MyDomain.

    "A rust-colored luster velvet sofa mixed with a black Turkish rug and an edgy metal drum stool will elevate the sophistication factor of a living room. In this light and bright living room, all the colors are pulled from the rug to create a coherent look." 

    Photo:Lisa Cohen viaVogue Australia

    A formula, not a rule! You can do this with any color scheme. 

    We started with the rug, which is almost always the best and easiest place to start. Either the rug or the sofa should be your starting point. This Bamyam Peshaver is so beautiful. The key characteristic of Bamyam rugs is their sheen. The wool is so fine that it shimmers. Bamyams are the best of the Peshavers and are instantly recognized for their high quality.

    Next, the sofa. Vanguard has long been recognized as a top-of-the-line furniture maker. They proudly continue to craft upholstery and hand-finish their furniture in America. NW Rugs & Furniture is thrilled to offer this line.

    Let's find a coffee table and something to set our drink on. Since this sofa has some leg, we figured a lighter accent table would be best. This is from Gabby Furniture, which is available in our showrooms. This is the Jackie.

    For the coffee table, let's contrast with something solid and that picks up some more colors from the beautiful area rug. We went with Vanguard again for the coffee table. The finish on this and the cocktail table work so nicely together, don't you think?

    And there you have it - so easy anyone can do it. Give it a try. If you'd like some assistance, our design consultants can make it even easier.