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Formulas vs. Rules - A Better Way to Decorate

Formulas vs. Rules - A Better Way to Decorate

There are so many decorating rules! Then, lots of experts tell you to break the rules.
Should, should should!

"Formula" is a better word, imho ... a mix of elements that combine to create a particular effect.

Here's a formula from that is a sure bet: "Something old, something new, something black, & something gold." You can't go wrong!

Contemporary Living Room by San Anselmo Interior Designers & Decorators Ann Lowengart Interiors

What's great about a formula vs. a rule is that there is more room for creativity and individuality. You can truly take the things you love and pull them together with a broader formula instead of a hard and fast rule. It frees you to express your unique one-of-a-kind style (#OOAK) 

What you will end up with, if you stick to your own personal aesthetic and daily needs rather than the "shoulds" of interior design, is a home that lifts your spirit, outwardly expresses what brings you joy, and above all, a home that is not only pleasing to YOUR eye.

Traditional Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Andrew Flesher Interiors

Whether you go eclectic or traditional, modern or boho, finding a formula that works for you can lessen the pressure and add more fun to the process. Here we have seen several differnt takes on the new-old, black & gold formula, from high end down ... quite a variety, right?

Eclectic Living Room by Tiburon Interior Designers & Decorators Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

Not sure what your style is? Check out this "What's Your Style Photo Quiz" to find out. Or, you can bring it together with the help of a designer

Contemporary Living Room by New York Media & Bloggers ABRAMS

Do you have a formula that always works? We'd all here love to hear it.