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DECOR BIG BANG; On the Set of The Big Bang Theory

DECOR BIG BANG; On the Set of The Big Bang Theory


Like the look on set at Big Bang Theory?


 Get the look by layering a plush solid (Byron) and a geometric tribal style rug (Anatolia).


Not an exact match, but comes pretty darn close doesn't it? There's a lesson in this: Finding something that comes pretty close to what you want isn't settling or giving in. It's facing the reality that many times finding the exact same item is nearly impossible, especially if it is not mass produced. 

Above: Anatolia Hand woven in 100% wool 5x8 $460


Above: Byron Hand-knotted of 100% bamboo silk 7.9x9.9 $3809  

Look to the characteristics rather than the exact shapes, sizes and colors.


Formulas, not rulesYou can truly take the things you love and pull them together with a broader formula instead of a hard and fast rule.

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