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  • Which Rug "Works" Is Not The Problem....

    Which Rug "Works" Is Not The Problem....

    It's easy to feel overwhelmed when rug shopping. The thing is ... there is no one "right" rug for a space. More often than not there are several options that will all "work" in the room. Many get hung up on color matching, getting an exact shade match. This is probably the most common frustration. Relax .... colors should not match exactly. The golden rule - stick with similar hues and it will all work out perfectly. Think of a bed of roses. All the rose colors don't match - in fact there are probably hundreds of shades of colors in ONE rose bush - different greens in the leaves, gradations of color in the petals. Color is the least of problems. See our handy Choosing a Rug Guide.

    Believe it or not, it boils down to what YOU like, what looks good to your eye. "I have a horrible eye," you say. Not a problem. There are few tips that can help make the rug complement what you already have. As you can see from the above picture, there are a lot of colors that will combine well in this space.

    Next, pay attention to the lines and shapes in the room. Are they all lines and stripes, squares, circles, sharp edges or rounded, bold patterns or subtle? Which one do you want to highlight? Or, if there are say a lot of circles, maybe you want to bring in some straight lines for contrast. Let's look at some of the options that would work well in this seating area.

    Green Graphic: This is a great rug choice - it's got the colors, brings in some visual interest and softens some of the straight lines in the room.

    Indigo Graphic: This more squared geometric graphic, in ever so hot Indigo, would work just as well. Also, both of these rugs would be useful in other rooms and homes over time. 

    With this rug we repeat the stripe theme from the wall hanging and the grays in it tie it to the wall color. Visually, it may also widen the area.  Again this would out stand trends.

    Textured Floral: This modern floral rug is a wonderful choice. It adds a bit of whimsy while pulling several of the colors in the room together.

    You can see from these examples that indeed your taste, what catches your eye, what you like, will more than likely work. If you stick to just a few visual cues from the existing décor in the room, you have a strong chance of hitting a home-run.  

    And, never fear, our design teams at NW Rugs Showrooms can assist you in identifying those elements you wish to highlight (and minimize if that is an issue). They all love to help make your home the best it can be.

    BIG TIP: Bring photos, fabric swatches, and color chips with you when you visit the showroom. It will save you TONS of time.  You can also hop online at http://www.nwrugs.com