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DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Betsy Burnham, Beverly Hills

by nwrugs June 20, 2014

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Betsy Burnham, Beverly Hills

There's always such a charge when you discover something exciting, inspirational or just plain beautiful while surfing the net. Whatever channel you tend to favor, you probably do so because it is the place to get that little jolt of "Wow, isn't that lovely."

We discovered Ms. Burnham's work via Sarah Fischer and knew instantly we would have to do a Designer Spotlight. Can you guess what caught our eye most? 

Clearly, she loves rugs and has a keen sense of how to use them to their best effect. We selected just a few photos from her portfolioto give you a taste.

area rugs los angeles rugs beverly hills interior design loveofrugs

Whether it's florals, stripes, animal prints or shags, Betsy has the eye for which will show the best AND bring out the best of all the furniture and accents on and around the rug. 

area rugs los angeles rugs beverly hills interior design loveofrugs

"Betsy does a fantastic job using pattern and color in a way that is bold but not overwhelming.  It takes restraint and a trained eye to find that perfect balance.  She understands that every piece in a room cannot be a "wow" piece and that you have to mix some traditional antiques in with the statement pieces to keep a room sophisticated and livable."  ~ Sarah Fischer, Matters of Style

area rugs los angeles rugs beverly hills interior design loveofrugs

I especially like how graphic elements and patterns combine to create a visual delight equal to many a fine painting. The one above is a perfect example - Suzani, plaid, geometric, animal print, modern and traditional.... It's quite wonderful don't you think? Which one do you like the best?

by nwrugs

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