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Diamonds Do Last Forever, and They Are Not Just a Girl's Best Friend

by nwrugs June 25, 2014

Diamonds Do Last Forever, and They Are Not Just a Girl's Best Friend

We are all familiar with the black and white diamond floor tiles and the dramatic impact they can have on a room. However they tend to be for more formal and/or traditional settings.
It's a great look and optically makes an area appear more spacious.

In fact the diamond shape in design, both decorative and architecturally, has been around for millennium. After all the triangle is one of the strongest shapes that can support heavy weights with ease. 

Early Roman walls in Napoli were constructed with a crisscross of horizontally lined bricks and diamond shaped stones. The pattern, was earthquake resistant, and succeeded in distributing the stress from shocks, so as not to crack. [ ref. ]

 And their use continues in to modern times. Outside and...


Let's kick it up a notch with these Carats of Color! These fresh designs bring the strength to support fresh, modern design schemes or can put a little oomph into more traditional spaces. The best part ... choosing the "right" one is easier than you think.

Design with Diamond Shaped Rugs, NW Rugs

Check out these options, available online and through our rug and furniture stores in Portland, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. We've taken care of the paint colors for you. These Sherwin Williams Home Colors are sure to revitalize any existing space or provide an exciting ground and backdrop if you are starting your home decorating from scratch.

Diamonds in the Round

En Casa by Luli Sanchez Tufted Half Dot LST13 by Jaipur

Split Chevron

En Casa by Luli Sanchez Tufted Cornered LST10 by Jaipur

Crisp Offset Tile Pattern

Baja 7BLU by Momeni

Tribal Patchwork Quilt Patter

Caravan 2MTI by Momeni

Transitional Pattern

Shaggy Vibes Diamond Scrolls Macadamia Nut by Karastan

A WOW Ikat

Blithe Argyle Ikat BLT09 by Jaipur

Which color palette appeals to you most? Let us know if we can pull something together for you as you tackle your next interior design project.

by nwrugs

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