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Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclectic Interior Design Style

A diverse collection of art, furnishings, and architecture leads to an unpretentious, energy-filled home. 

Eclectic Interior Design Style

via Maureen Bower

"The Eclectic style combines elements from at least two decorating styles. The beauty with an eclectically decorated home is that it does not adhere to one major style and it gives you the opportunity to be creative by incorporating other styles." Giorgina Devereaux, Decor Medley

Eclectic Interior Design Style

Hollywood at Home

Portland designer Angela Todd recommends "Try a 60%, 30%, 10% formula when implementing eclectic design in a space...To select your style ratio, start by accessing the architecture in your room (60%). Try using what you love most in 10% of the style." @angelatodd

Eclectic Interior Design

Ana Donohue’s Eclectic Modern in Grafton

Combine old with new and modern with traditional as well as several different influences and the result is something original and very beautiful.

Eclectic Interior Design
Smart Home Design Magazine

"Eclectic is the term used for a style that incorporates a little bit of just about everything. From traditional furniture, to antiques, to modern artwork, the possibilities are endless. Often times they will also have a bit of whimsy to them, either by the interesting objects showcased, or the bold use of colors. It takes some skill to really understand what will still work together, even if the root of the styles of each item are vastly different. The rules and principals of design still apply, but in a very abstract way." urban i.d. Interior Design Studio, Portland Oregon @lori_brock

Eclectic Interior Design
Studio Ten 25

"Eclectic design involves purposefully combining so-called conflicting elements such as modern and traditional pieces in an 'anything goes' approach. However, it is paramount that one stay true to key principles such as scale, form, balance and harmony." Lisa Galligan, interior redesigner specializing in the eclectic style. @RedesingerLisa Can you pick out the different styles in the room above and below?

maison inc interior design portland oregon
Maison, Inc.

"Bohemian with traditional, this client really wanted a California feel with fabrics that can be lived with and a design comfortable for a growing family." (above) Joelle Nesen, Interior Designer; Maison Inc. Portland.

Although Eclectic decorating is warm and welcoming, this design can be tricky. This style can be effectively implemented if the principles of design are understood, which are: line, color, texture, proportion, and form.

Explore two other design styles: French CountryArts & Crafts For more interior design inspiration visit our collection of interior design photos on Pinterest. If you'd like to view more eclectic rooms, check out  25 Amazingly Eclectic Rooms a nice blog post by  @ConspicuousStyl - Stacy Curran.

What styles would you like to combine for an eclectic design scheme? Do you have questions about how to accomplish your favorite look? Ask away and we will post some suggestions.  

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