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  • How Traditional Tribal Rugs Work in Modern Spaces

    How Traditional Tribal Rugs Work in Modern Spaces

    Traditional and/or Tribal rugs are known for their unique patterns and colors. Each one-of-a-kind rug represents a culture and story of history. So, how do you tie history into a modern, new space? Simple, modern design is classic design; so anything you choose that is timeless will look amazing in your space until the end of time.

    We found some great images that show traditional tribal rugs in modern space, along with a few helpful tips to follow when choosing a rug for your space.

    Apartment Therapy suggests “If you prefer neutral rooms, an oriental rug can provide just the right amount of color and spark. And because their patterns and colors are so detailed and layered, such rugs have a way of playing off colors elsewhere in the room. A blue lamp will draw out a previously unnoticed bluish hue embedded in an oriental carpet.”

    Manhattan Nest blog suggest “The most important thing is to consider (when picking a traditional rug) is color…rugs tend to have such interesting designs that sometimes you can get so caught up in the patterns that you forget to focus on the palette.” Pick colors that bring out the best in your room and accessories. You can have fun with bright colors or go classic chic with deeper, sophisticated hues.

    When it comes to patterns there are variations, but typically lean towards more symmetrical geometry that lend toward balancing a room. You can have very tribal bold shapes as well as softer geometric florals.

    Just remember when choosing a traditional rug be sure to find something that will complement your room and not overwhelm it. The great thing about going with a traditional style rug is, if chosen appropriately for your space, will be a classic timepiece that will evolve over time.

    We have just received a shipment of Serapi and Kazak style rugs, large and small, and runners too. Discover tribal rug options by clicking here. Our design consultants can also help you when you visit any one of our showrooms in Portland