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  • Area Rugs to Go With Pantone Winter Color Forecast 2014-2015 – Part 2

    Area Rugs to Go With Pantone Winter Color Forecast 2014-2015 – Part 2

    This is Part 2 in our series exploring the Pantone 2014-2015 Color Forecast. Part 1, “Uncovering” was soft and romantic. The second palette in the DISCOVERY series is called “Making”.

    “Making” is a palette that is anchored to the page; very artisan-like with a deep respect for skills and materials. Making is organized and curated to captivate the eye and invite the audience to enjoy the inventive process of making, building, coloring, collaging, stitching, and styling. The colors are inspired by a rich auburn, caramel, and brown glow, with highlights of hot orange, red and turquoise.

    Handcrafted, organic, earthy, and homespun are all characteristics of the move back toward simplicity and less chaotic living we are seeing a lot of lately. Tiny houses, downsizing, getting rid of clutter and excess is all the rage with baby boomers, perhaps hearkening back to their care-free, unencumbered days in the 1960’s. And the Millennials are on-board with this trend too – crafting, home canning – everything hyper-local and sustainable.

    Earth tones are warm, comforting and timeless, making them a popular choice for interior design. They’re derived from the colors surrounding us in nature, starting with the brown earth below and stretching to the blue sky above. Choose three colors from an earth tone color wheel, then add a fourth from outside the spectrum to give some pop to your color scheme. Candace Olsen captures is quite nicely in the room below, don’t you think?

    Next in the series is “Essence”,very cosmetic in nature. Its contemporary warm tones are restrained, pasteurized and processed, homogeneous and emulsifying; while, at the same time, compactness is expressed through solid, uncontaminated uniform colors. If you missed Part One, click here.
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