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Area Rugs to Go With Pantone Winter Color Forecast 2014-2015 - Part One

by nwrugs October 14, 2014

Area Rugs to Go With Pantone Winter Color Forecast 2014-2015 - Part One

We thought it would be fun to pull together several area rugs that complement Pantone’s suite of color stories for Fall Winter 2014.” Discovery”, so named as it explores the search of new thoughts, ideas, and visions, can be broken down into seven (7) color schemes. – Design Bites Inspired by a post by  designer Christina Mogk of Mecc Interiors  outlining the seven palettes, we will coordinate 8 rugs for each over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for the updates! 

pantone discovery colors fall winter 2014

Balance and temperance sum up the overall color feeling for Autumn/Winter 2014/2015. We continue our approach to merged color by highlighting mélange and degrade arrangements. This attention to “mixing” is carried through into our choice of harmonies, where we explore the combination of classic hues with faster fashion tones. – Pantone


Preciosa sums the collection up well. It’s all about finding new ways with color that express the ever expanding global community and then bringing it home. “To discover means to be courageous. By exploring these unexpected color combinations we create a new color language; a language that can evolve quickly or develop slowly, whatever best suits your market needs and desires.


“Uncovering” – The first of the 7 Pantone Color Palettes in the Discovery Collection

In this Fall Color Series we will highlight area rugs that complement both the colors for each palette and the mood and vibe each is meant to convey. First up is “Uncovering”. “This palette is a soft, sheer, neutral scheme; classic and timeless, there is a certain romanticism and purity to the collection. Uncovering brings to mind the materials used to decipher the unknown and inform the present” reports designer Christina Mogk of Mecc Interiors. The bedroom below evokes the feeling of this palette nicely.


City CT08

City CT08

Rococco RC01

Roccoco RC01

Fables Regal FB32

Fables Regal FB32

The sofa pulls in all the colors of this palette nicely, doesn't it?


Fables Regal FB07

Karastan Crossroads 38260

Crossroads Estelle Dove 38260

Momeni New Wave NEWWAN W116IVY

New Wave 116IVY




Maroc MR09

Recently Updated84

Any one of these rugs would work quite well in the pictured bedroom. Which would you add as the finishing touch to the room? CLICK HERE for the Next palette: “Making”

by nwrugs

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