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How to Use Bold Graphic Modern Area Rugs In Your Home

by nwrugs October 31, 2014

How to Use Bold Graphic Modern Area Rugs In Your Home

Graphic rugs are all the craze right now, we see them everywhere and people love them! Graphic rugs typically would be described as a stripe, chevron, or geometric pattern; but I feel that a bold animal print or modern floral can fit into this category as well. How do you make these bold and fun rugs work for your space?

graphic rugs living room

Chevron Rug “Dehli” by Momeni

The Classic Contrast of Black & White

The Classic Contrast of Black & White

Designer Caitlin Creer says “If you have a room that has basic pieces but is lacking personality, consider going with a graphic rug. You will be amazed at how a simple stripe or geometric pattern will instantly wake up and modernize your furniture.”  There is something clean and simple about a graphic rug yet it does so much to invigorate the space.

Picture via Dwell Studio

No matter what season, it is important to liven up your living space with pops of color. Incorporating color, especially in the winter months, can make your home warm and inviting. Yellow is a sure fire way to brighten things up, don’t you think?

Bring the Sunshine In With Graphic Yellow Rugs

Bring the Sunshine In With Graphic Yellow Rugs

Graphic rugs are great in any room. If you are a little nervous about bold modern rugs, try placing small graphic rugs in a bathroom, kitchen, or even a runner in the hallway. That way you can still get great pops of style.

graphic rugs nwrugs living room rug

Living room by S.B. Long Interiors

It is important to not over shadow your rug. Make sure you choose colors in your space that coordinate with your rug either as an accent color (in small doses) or sticking with a monochromatic scheme. “A basic rule followed by most interior designers is the 60-30-10 rule. This rule is easy to follow to ensure that you integrate just the right amount of color into your interior design. For example, 60 percent of the room is the main color, usually the primary paint color; the 30 percent should be your second color, usually the primary furniture color or cabinet color in the space. The remaining 10 percent is what should be used for accent colors,” advises  Lauren McGregor



Creer also suggests, “If you have a room that is mostly complete and want to go bold, take into consideration what other patterns and colors are already at work in the space. Make sure that incorporating a bold piece isn’t going to overwhelm the space or make things too busy. It’s all about balance.


No Brooding Blues Here

No Brooding Blues Here 

blue striped rugs nwrugs.com

Layering a room is paramount to comfort and visual warmth. Shelley Little at Freshome suggests, “While considering the layers that you would like to add to your design think about choosing varying textures and fabrics— think velvet pillows, silk curtains, mohair blankets, and plush area rugs.”

red layering

red rugs

The variety of graphic rugs you can use to bring visual interest into your space is huge. Visit any NW Rugs Showroom to view your options. Or, check out our selection online. We’re here to help. Check out our How to Choose a Rug quick guide too.

Will you be adding any boldness to your spaces this season? We’d love to hear what you’ve got planned.

by nwrugs

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