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IT'S OFFICIAL - The Color of the Year for 2015 is MARSALA. Will it make its way into your home or wardrobe in the new year? 

Here's a video explaining just how Pantone arrived at their choice and what it means for the home, fashion and what it reflects about society and culture right now.

Here's some historical perspective:

We've pulled together a few area rugs to coordinate with Marsala. Any catch your fancy? We picked rugs from Nourison, Momeni, Jaipur & Karastan

The description "Brown undertones" is less helpful than putting the #ColoroftheYear in context of it's hue family. Our friend and color expert Lori Sawaya @funcolors provided this necessary insight for understanding the full elements of this color. Interesting, isn't it? Her blog The Land of Color is chock full of great color insights, advice and inspiration. Highly recommend it.

 Lori explains, "Marsala is on the warm side of red cruising over in the direction of yellow-red (a.k.a. orange). Which would explain why some may get a sense of browness from Marsala. The common definition of brown is a low value orange – in other words dark orange.  Marsala is in the red hue family, on the warmer side, and has a low-ish value of 4.08. So, where it’s located within its hue family and falls on the color wheel explains where overtones of dark orange/brown are coming from."

A graphic pattern is a nice way to bring in this color. Then perhaps add a pillow or two ...

With over 1200 custom Huntington House hand crafted fabrics for upholstery, drapes, pillows, (and cut lengths too) you will be sure to find the perfect combination that defines your color style to a T. 

 You can go a little bit, or a lot. Here the sculpture backgrounds work to great effect, don't you think?

Want to find Marsala in paint? Here's a list of vendors with the color matches from FunColors:

And so, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Will this color infiltrate your decor or wardrobe in 2015? What word comes to mind when you look at this color? What feeling does it generate for you? Share below. Thank you.

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  • Not for me. Looks to much like the dusty rose in my 90’s LR. What’s old isn’t allows new again.

    • Rory