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  • It Works For The Sheep, Make it Work For You!

    It Works For The Sheep, Make it Work For You!
    With rising fuel costs and an increased concern for the environment, many people are turning down their thermostats and finding alternative ways to stay warm. Gas and electric heaters as well as oil burners consume a lot of money and there are more economical ways to stay warm in the house with a little ingenuity. 

    Don't just take our word for it! Here's what customers have said about using area rugs to control heat - 

    Rugs will definitely keep your floors warmer. We pulled up all our ratty carpet a few years ago and are still using the original hardwood floors for now while we decide what to do with them. I put some area rugs down in front of the sofa and chairs and walkways to keep our feet warmer in the winter! Rugs will help keep your heating bill down because they will insulate the cold floors. – JillBeth

    I find that area rugs are needed especially in the winter to keep the house warm. By adding area rugs on tip of wood floors instead of installing carpet, you can give the room a look of its own without sacrificing your resale value. – Andrea

    Putting up curtains and putting down a rug can block drafts and make floors warmer. The sun is a great natural source of warmth so remove anything that is blocking it from getting in your house. Some people put a dark rug in a sunny area of their house to absorb as much heat as possible. A dark rug will absorb the sun's heat and help keep a room warm. – Gail

    There is nothing better that you could do to improve the warmth of your house than to buy a few area rugs. You could put one area rug under your breakfast table so that your entire family is able to keep their feet warm while eating. Contemporary area rugs also look great around the house and will do an awesome job at keeping your dogs and cats warm during cold months. Our small dog absolutely loves cuddling up on the area rug that we have in our dining room because it keeps him nice and warm. – Jordon

    Whether you have made a conscious decision to turn the heat down, or your heat is down because of a malfunction, it's important to get creative and find ways to stay warm. A cold house is never comfortable, but there are ways to stay warm without a heating system.

    Explore our website to see some of the many rugs we have in stock for you to choose from this winter. With 20,000 rugs you will have no problem finding one that is just right for you and your family.