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Put the Finishing Touch on this Kitchen Remodel

by nwrugs March 11, 2015

Put the Finishing Touch on this Kitchen Remodel

"With spaces opting for clean hardwood these days, area rugs are key! They add the softness and warmth to what can often feel like an otherwise undressed space. There is an option for every price point."  ~ Our Facebook friend Susan Abramson of Toronto Designers


This beautifully remodeled kitchen by Mountainwood Homes is a perfect example. While it doesn't quite feel completely "undressed", a rug would add that final touch making it truly superb. The question is, which rug? Perhaps a combination of two rugs; one runner on the fridge side and a 4x6 at the sink?

The tint of the gray paint and granite is more green than blue, and the balance with the white is spot on. In keeping with the fresh contemporary look, clean lines and sleek finishes, we've picked four rugs that would each work well and bring a little something extra to the space. Which of these would you choose if this was your new kitchen?

First up - subtle lines that pick up the colors and in a way mimic the granite vein:  BAROQUE BQ12 by Jaipur 

Second choice -  FLAGSTAFF SUMMER GARDEN AGED BLUE by American Rugs. This rug is much bolder, but it's patchwork tile pattern fits the modern French vibe of the kitchen nicely. Also, it will hide a multitude of sins. 

Next,  NYLA 08MC by Loloi. This is a subtler patchwork style transitional rug than the Flagstaff. It coordinates with the floor for a more tone-on-tone look.    

Our final selection is  SERENITY BON ADVENTURE WINTER MIST by American Rugs. It  features a traditional motif reimagined with updated coloring that strikes the perfect balance of sophistication and tranquility. This too is a forgiving rug when it comes to traffic and wear, given its patina look.

These last two choices could be a nice pairing if you were to use two rugs in the space. So, what say you? Which one would you choose? We always appreciate your feedback and comments, so don't be share. 

If you are remodeling, or building a new home, contact us here, on Facebook, or stop into any one of our showrooms in Agoura Hills, CA, Portland, OR, or Las Vegas, NV and let us show you all the wonderful options we have for rugs, furniture and home decor accessories

by nwrugs

Mountainwood Homes

March 13, 2015

Thanks for the ideas! We’ll send our clients your way! If anyone wants to tour this project, make sure to check out the Tour of Remodeled Homes this weekend in Portland, OR. More information at:

Susan Abramson

March 11, 2015

You showcase some of the best rugs I’ve seen out there!!
Thanks for including my quote – it’s so true too!!

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