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NOMAD An Award Winning Rug Collection from Oriental Weavers

NOMAD An Award Winning Rug Collection from Oriental Weavers

Oriental Weavers received a Magnificent Carpet Award for the NOMAD Collection of machine made rugs in the $200.01 to $400 price range at the Atlanta International Rug Market featuring the National Oriental Rug Show. It's easy to understand why these wool rugs made such an impression. This may well be our favorite new collection so far for 2015. 

The Nomad collection provides a modern influence and authenticity to the collection's traditional, nomadic-inspired designs. Soft neutrals mimic the shades and texture of natural wool which serves to showcase the bright, bold shades for a contemporary feel and a fusion of the old world and energy of today.

The versatility of these wool, machine-made area rugs is unmistakable. The modernized designs, inspired from Ben Ourain and Moroccan style rugs bring fresh colors to the forefront while staying true to the spirit of the traditional motifs. 

Whether you want to go bold or subtle, this collection, which can mixed an matched particularly well, offers a variety of options suitable for both modern or more traditional decor schemes. 


The irregular lines give off a more casual vibe that works well with a bohemian look.

And in the instance of the rug below, the abstract design and bold contrast would combine nicely with a Retro or even Mid-Century decor

These area rugs would be appropriate in most any room of your home, from man-cave to master bedroom and finding complementing and coordinating paint colors will be a breeze. If you are looking to express your unique style in a fresh way this may well be the rug collection for you. See the rest of the NOMAD Collection here. Which is your favorite?